Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 - 13:47

NameCondition at SeaConditions on Land 
0<1<2CalmSea like a mirror. Smoke rises vertically.
11-31-5Light airRipples onlySmoke drifts and leaves rustle.
24-66-11Light breezeSmall wavelets(0.2m), Crests have a glassy appearance.Wind felt on face.
37-1012-19Gentle breezeLarge wavelets(0.6m), cests begin to break.Flags extended, leaves move
411-1620-29Moderate breezeSmall waves(1m), some whitecapsDust and small branches move.
517-2130-39Fresh breezeModeratewave(1.8m),  many whitecaps.Small trees begin to sway.
622-2740-50Strong breezeLarge waves(3m), probably some spray.Large branches move, wires whistle, umbrellas are difficult to control.
728-3351-61Near galeMounting sea(4m), with foam blown in streaks downwindWhole trees in motion, inconvenience in walking.
834-4062-74GaleModerately high waves(5.5m), crest break into spindriftDifficult to walk against wind.Twigs and small branches blown off trees.
941-4776-87Strong galeHigh waves(7m), dense foam, visibility affected.Minor structural damage may occur (shingles blown off roofs).
1048-5588-102StromVery high waves(9m), heavy sea roll, visibility inpaired. Surface generlly white.Trees uprooted, structural damage likely.
1156-63103-118Violent stormExceotionally high waves(11m), visibility poor.Widespread damage to structures.
1264+119+Hurricane14m waves, air filled with foam and spray, visibility bad. Severe structural damage to buildings, widespread devastation.
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